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Gene on Focusing & Therapy


Relationality In Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy



The Theory of Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy



Discussion with Lynn on Presentation Dec 2005



Conference on Focusing & Psychotherapy

Beyond Words: Implicit


The Implicit Conference I



The Implicit Conference II



Lynn Interviews Donnel Stern



Lynn Interviews Frank Lachmann



Lynn Interviews James Fosshage


Lynn Interviews Eugene Gendlin


Robert Lee Series


Felt Sensing and working with Difficult Feelings



Working with Elusive Felt Sensing



An Introduction to Domain Focusing



3 Person 3 Hours: Working with Robert's Domain Model



12 Avenues


Lynn Preston Series


What Is At The Heart of Focusing: Part 1



What Is At The Heart of Focusing: Part 2



What Is At The Heart of Focusing: Part 3


Our Latest DVD Additions:

Robert L. Lee, Ph.D.
is a focusing theoretician and innovator. The last 4 years he has organized 5 focusing training groups and a post-trainer group. Two of the training groups were for psychotherapists, two were for professionals of various kinds. A licensed psychologist, Lee has developed a new model for teaching focusing (Domain Focusing), he has developed a theory and practice for change on the macro level for stubborn problems (Changing the Unchangeable), he has developed a comprehensive practice for working with difficulties in felt sense formation (Elusive Felt Sensing). He has developed special methods for using focusing in couples' therapy and in group therapy; he has applied focusing to Quaker spirituality and to physical problems.

RL003 Introduction to Domain Focusing (1 hr, $39.50):

Robert talks about his unique approach to focusing which he calls Domain Focusing. His domain focusing parallels Genes 6 steps but here Robert has taken these steps forward in his own unique and clearly teachable form. Here Robert takes us through how the listener uses 3 chairs, The Issue, The Felt Sense, and Self Empathy to listen to the focuser. This greatly enhances the depth and intricacy of a focusing session and helps make clear the key steps that lead to forward movement and change. Essential for focusers and therapists alike.

RL001 Felt Sensing and working with Difficult Feelings (2 hrs, $49.50):
We can get used to our habitual ways of focusing but Robert shows us that there are at least 12 ways to enter a felt sense. As a focuser one’s focusing experience can be much richer when we use new ways to enter our felt sense. And for a therapist knowing these different ways to enter a felt sense can be very helpful in your psychotherapy practice – if a client has difficult entering then this workshop will teach you how to guide clients in using several alternative approaches.

RL03 Working with Elusive Felt Sensing 1:45 hrs, $39.50):
Do you or your clients have difficulty finding the felt sense? Are there times when you find it hard to find a felt sense? Robert has devised several unique techniques for finding seemingly non-existent felt senses. He combines the theories and techniques associated with bad guessing, naming the issue, anti-shame, and self-empathy.

Lynn Preston, M.A, M.S.
Lynn is a Relational Self Psychologist who uses the philosophy of focusing as an underpinning for her work. She has studied with and been in close dialogue with, Gene Gendlin for the past 30 years. Her unique approach is to combine Relational Self Psychology with focusing and she has dedicated herself to the powerful integration of focusing into psychotherapy. Her tapes are a must for any therapist and in addition her eloquent descriptions of what focusing is also a joy for any focuser.

LP001 What Is at the Heart of Focusing, Part I (1 ½ hrs, $39.50):
Focusing is a different kind of attention to a different kind of thing for a different kind of purpose. In part I of this series Lynn talks about the different kind of attention that is key to focusing. Her beautiful description of a special kind of acceptance and welcome that melts the boundary between conscious and unconscious is accompanied by a demonstration of Lynn working with someone to demonstrate this vital attitude in focusing.

LP002 Part II (1 ½ hrs, $39.50):
In focusing we don’t pay specific attention to contents, problems and solutions. We pay attention to a different kind of thing. We pay attention to a something but it is not a thing. It is the edge of awareness – the borderline between symbolic and sub-symbolic, the horizon of experience, it’s this sensing membrane where we put our experience and it’s from this place that steps come. Lynn describes this different kind of thing and does a demonstration with a volunteer to illustrate the points she makes.

LP003 Part III (1 ½ hrs, $39.50):
Focusing is for a different kind of purpose. People often come to therapy because they have problems they want to solve and ways they want their lives to be better. Focusing is not a concentration on problem solving but on the unfolding of micro-moments. It’s the entering into our own unfolding, our own becoming ourselves. This intricate and organic unfolding is unique to each of us and leads to steps of growth and forward movement and fresh energy in your lives. Lynn does a demonstration to illustrate her points.

LP004 Why a Client does not have to Focus in Focusing Orientated Psychotherapy (40 mins, $30.50):
A client does not have to be able to or even want to focus for focusing to be central to psychotherapeutic work. Focusing does not take place in the client but in the interaction and so if a therapist works from their own body sense and then they are evoking the felt sense and inviting the client to that level. It’s about knowing where to look in a client’s session for hints of the felt sense and then knowing how to invite it and wait which Lynn describes.